At last I can justify the litres of tea I drink all week! (Being Irish was only ever going to get me so far with that). A study conducted by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, published today by BBC News, not only claims we can drink 3 or more cups a day (Ya RLY!) but also that TEA is healthier than WATER ( I KNOW!). Not only is it hydrating (which by the way is big news, given previous thought that tea having a caffeine content makes it DE-hydrating – not true), but it also protects against heart disease and some cancers, has loads of antioxidants, as well as preventing tooth decay and helping you get strong bones. It’s really all quite wonderful news in these dismal times. Now not only can we have a good cup of tea and a lie down, but we are also SAVING OUR LIVES at the same time I tell you!!!!!!!!! See here for the full article.